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Referente Nazionale FISAC di Combattimento Scenico, Speaker, Trainer, Krav Maga Instructor, Fight Coordinator & Stuntman.

Fight Coordinator specializzato in Stunt & Film Fighting.


Si riceve solo su appuntamento.

Via Giovanni Antonio Amadeo, 48

20133 - Milano (MI)

P.IVA: 10430910967

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What is Stage Combat?

- Scenic combat is a sport-artistic discipline that contains many specializations and enriches Cinema, TV, Theater and the World of Advertising and Music Video Clips!

Among these disciplines: Combat sports, acrobatics, parkour, wrestling, acting and everything you need to be versatile and necessary in the entertainment and cinema field. A slap in the face, a fall down the stairs, an epic battle, a Bar fight, a fight between Vikings

of fifteen people with swords and axes: they all come from stage combat. More than just simple moves, the "real" fight uses sports disciplines through the choreographed use of violence, to tell a story just like the choreography itself, only with a different language. (images taken from the set of: "Let's not feel more" Jake the Fury, where I worked as Fight Coordinator and Fighter)

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