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How have i approached to stage fight!

I was in the Academy, back in 2011, at the Civic Academy of Dramatic Art Nico Pepe and I was finishing my third year.

I couldn't give myself peace, I wanted to be the best ...

The best of what?

What was the best for me?

Especially WHY I had to be the best?

Money, future work, or fear ...

Was I doing and bringing Art or was I just giving food to my Ego?

Exactly the second, I fed my Ego because I suffered constant injections of fear.

Fear of not being up to the market, afraid of not being a good communicator, afraid of not being able to maintain myself with my passion ... FEAR

Sad but true.

This ugly black cloud that cries and saddens me, continued to torment me (sometimes it does so even today) making me doubt myself, about what I did and allowing myself the luxury of often making me doubt also what I would do. It inhibited me ... my brain inhibited my heart that inhibited my body ...

a vicious circle!

But as I did then and how I do today instead of suffering it, I face it!

At the end of my third year (actually even a haircut) I began to find a sector, a niche, a specific in the artistic field, in the sector and God, Destiny, what you believe led me to movement and sport , also because singing for me was really a torture to humanity, and together with my passion for beatings and Bud Spencer and Terence Hill I searched all over Europe where they taught and if there was an artistic discipline in this field ... and I found them !

From now on, I found my sword and my shield with which I fight my fears, the more I get scared, the more I fight and specialize. The more I fear, the more I grow, the more I see obstacles, the more my will to overcome them increases!

Scenic combat gave me this courage.

This is why I try so hard with those who teach this wonderful discipline without having done the proper paths. Without having discovered the art of theater, of interpreting and without ever having moved the body in martial art.

Anyone who teaches this discipline should be one of the Hokuto School!

Who teaches this Discipline should be or at least have been an Actor and a Martialist!

Because it could teach you how to exorcise the "evil" for you (discomfort) and how to exorcise it on the scene for others!

Because this is our task to bring a communicative, emotional message, to tell a story, of violence, to those who invest their time to feel, watch and experience the story we give them!

When I hear people complain ... Fight, I want to say!

Look who is really sick, fight for life,

Fight to eat,

Fight to survive,

We are fortunate to fight for the scene, for art

So we are degrees and blessed because we can do it, so our job is to do it right!

Sacrificing, time, energy, money, sweat and investing in ourselves to be the best ourselves!

This was my answer, I must be the best of me, any situation, condition, difficulty, problem, I must be the: BEST ME ^ _ ^

Now, after years of investment and study, I have specialized in takedowns & acrofight, because I am in contact with my partner, I execute numbers against the force of gravity without ever having acrobatics, I protect my partner and I think of him first on stage that I myself.

"fight the good fight" "you make him / her look good"

My job is to make my partner shine with light and if he does the same, we will have done a great job!

This year I have the opportunity to bring my idea, my spirit to Las Vegas, New York, London, Lugano and Milan.

You are always welcome, but the road of the warrior of light is a lonely road! You have to fight yourself first!

Good start to everybody,

I'm waiting for you on Sunday 09 June 2019 for this year's last Stunt & Film Fighting ...

and just for the record, let it be recorded, that I never said that next year it will still be there!

Opportunities must be seized when they arise, not when we want them. to see upcoming seminars and intensives ...

Look for the best of yourself!

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